NextLevel Operations Packages

Looking to take your business to the next level? NextLevel Solutions provides the key training businesses need for success. These help to not only maintain current status, but increase efficiencies and improve organization.

NexLevel Option 1


NextLeviel Training Session
  • Evaluate Your Team and Culture – Up to 10 Assessment
  • Structure ORG chart
  • Establish Your Roles – Up to 10
  • Create Job Descriptions – up to 10
  • Establish Right People In Right Seats
  • Create Business Plan
  • Define Company Culture & Establish core values
  • Identify Company Roadblocks 3-7

  • Identify individuals Roadblocks 1-3

  • Establish qtr goals/ 90 Day Meeting/ NextLevel Score Card

  • Establish 1:1 NextLevel Meetings/ Standup Meetings/Executive NextLevel Meeting

  • Goal Forecasting for Company
  • Roadmap /Flowchart Processes

NextLevel Option 2

Nextlvel presnetation
  • Starting with the end in mind
  • Collecting Input From The Team
  • Identify Your Culture – Assessment
  • Validate Team is in the right Position (Seat)
  • Define the Scope
  • Prepare the scope of the procedure
  • Discovering all the necessary steps of the process
  • Assess potential problems in the process
  • Run a risk assessment on your process
  • Create a flow diagram
  • Finalize and implement the SOPs

NexLevel Option 3

NextLevel meeting
  • NextLevel Virtual Assistant
  • Manager Training
  • Creating Job Descriptions
  • Creating Interviews Questions for positions
  • Personally Assessment
  • Creating documentation around How to Hiring/Termination
  • Create Hiring Plan
  • Create a 90 Day onboarding Plan
  • BackGround Checks
NextLevel Solutions offers
• Human Resources
• Marketing
• Sales Empowerment
• Operations
• Processes
Ronnie loves taking businesses to the next level. No matter what stage the company is at trying to Scale Up, Scale back to fix the infrastructure, or help large companies to maintain their current status, but increase efficiencies and better organization.
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